26: Michael Napoleon: How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

By Doug

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Do you want to finally increase your golf swing speed? Listen in as we discuss the how, why, the science and much more from Michael Napoleon of SuperspeedGolf.

Inspired by the belief that all golfers can achieve more enjoyment from the game by enhancing their performance, Michael is in constant search for the newest and best ways to help golfers improve.

SuperSpeed Golf has come into existence out of many years of coaching expertise and looking for simple ways to help golfers increase power in the golf swing.

Michael continues to coach in the Chicago area and across the US with his team at Catalyst Golf Performance.

Credentials/ Special Training:

PGA Member, PGA Certified in Teaching and Coaching, TPI Certified – Golf Instruction III, Junior Coach III, Golf Mechanics II, Golf Coaching II, Golf Biomechanics II

What You Will Learn to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed:

  • What other factors can also greatly increase your distance besides swing speed
  • Some eye-opening case studies (like one person who went from a swing speed of 71mph to 90mph in 6 months!)
  • How swing speed is built over time (which is a lot shorter than you think!)
  • How to re-activate your often dormant (fast-twitch) muscle fibers
  • How overspeed training re-sets the normal neuromuscular response speed in the body
  • Why this program is of particular interest for women golfers
  • The key to “maintaining” those higher swing speeds more safely and efficiently
  • How the SuperSpeedGolf System works scientifically to improve your golf swing speed
  • What Mike has found to be one of the biggest “Power-leaks” for most golfers
  • Why SuperSpeedGolf System mandates you work both dominant and non-dominant sides
  • and much, much more

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Links and Resources Mentioned

Get 10% off the SuperSpeedGolf System and increase your golf swing speed today! (just enter the code mentioned above)

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)

Article: The Big Break Theory

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