A touch of enchantment on the eyelids 2023, learn the perfect mascara technique

This post was most recently updated on December 12th, 2022

Many call mascara a magic wand. It’s aptly named, because a few coats of mascara on the eyelids can change the language of the eyes. But you have to be careful while using this magic wand. If not, if the mascara is a little messy, the whole makeup phase is ruined! So we have brought you some simple tips so that you can wear mascara perfectly every time!

Apply Mascara Properly

Do not apply mascara in straight, long strokes. Take mascara on the brush and rub a little and apply it on the lips. Starting at the base of the lashes, apply to the tips in small strokes. “A touch of enchantment on the eyelids”

Wear In Layers

Wearing a waterproof formula mascara doesn’t necessarily mean it will smudge, but it’s inconvenient to wear it every day. Also, waterproof mascara is difficult to remove. So first apply normal mascara, then layer it with a coat of waterproof mascara. If you wear it like this, it will be easier to remove the mascara. “A touch of enchantment on the eyelids”

Keep Mascara Smudge Free

Apply a coat of clear mascara on top to prevent mascara from clumping. It will give a finishing touch to the mascara, the mascara will not melt quickly.

Keep Your Eyes Open While Applying Mascara

If you blink, but the mascara will stick to the cheeks and above the eyes. So you have to keep your eyes wide open while wearing mascara.

Techniques To Make Eyelashes Look Longer And Thicker

Dust a little translucent powder or baby powder on the eyelids with a Q-tip or ear bud, then apply mascara. Eyelids will look thicker.

If The Mascara Freezes

Sometimes mascara gets stuck in the bottle. Shake a few drops of eye solution into the bottle. Mascara will become usable.

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