Are you sleeping a little too much these days? Beware of the dangers of oversleeping

How many times have you heard the advice to sleep well at night? If you don’t sleep properly at night, the body gets worse, age spots appear on the face, the skin becomes dull, depression can also appear. But do you know, just as less sleep is harmful for the body, so too much sleep is the same problem. Those who have the habit of sleeping nine to ten hours a day or more, many diseases can nest in their body. There is weight gain, along with it, problems like headache, back pain can also occur. Even serious diseases like diabetes or heart disease can take root in the body. There are also many examples of people suffering from depression due to oversleeping.

Why Do We Sleep More?
Generally, six to eight hours of sleep per night is considered normal. Sleeping nine to ten hours or more definitely indicates oversleeping. Just as there are certain reasons behind lack of sleep or insomnia, oversleeping can also be due to some physical problem. Thyroid, heart problems, sleep apnea, depression can cause excessive sleep. Some medications also cause excessive sleepiness. Many suffer from continuous fatigue for a long time, but many people sleep more. Many people sleep too much without any physical reason, just because of irregular lifestyle. So if you have such a problem, then first of all, you should focus on finding the cause and fixing it. If there is a physical cause, it needs to be treated, so too, if it is just a habit or lifestyle, it needs to be corrected.

How To Stop Oversleeping?
If there is no physical illness behind your oversleeping, you can follow some simple tips. A little change in habits and sleep patterns can help you get rid of oversleeping.

Follow A Specific Sleep Routine
Go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time in the morning. If you do it regularly for a few days, the body will get used to it, a certain rhythm of sleep will come. Don’t break this rhythm, stick to it even on weekends.

Create An Environment Conducive To Sleep
The sleeping area should be comfortable. Keep the room dark and cool. Switch off all electronic devices. Change the pillows and bed mattress if they do not cause you discomfort.

Make A Change In Lifestyle
A few conscious habits while awake can get your sleep routine back into rhythm. Keep the amount of tea and coffee under control, do not consume it all before sleeping. Drinking an alcohol-based drink before bed may make you drowsy, but it doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep. So avoid alcohol too. You can have herbal tea or lukewarm milk instead. Never exercise before going to bed.

Avoid Naps
Many people have the habit of having breakfast after lunch. But this afternoon nap can disrupt your sleep rhythm. Avoid naps if you are physically fit. Rather, do something during that time so that you don’t fall asleep.

Maintain Sleep Diary
Write down in a diary how you are sleeping every day, what are the inconveniences. Write down your habits, routines, too. If you have a habit of sleeping during the day, write it down too. This diary will be useful if you ever need to consult a doctor.

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