Could the Green Bay Packers bench Aaron Rodgers for Jordan Love? 2022

Can you imagine this? Let’s just, let’s just look at, you know, the next, you know, the next say, two games because to me, if you go into in the next two games, then you have your by you, you’ve got to think very seriously. I don’t know why you wouldn’t about playing Jordan love, because if you go four and nine and you’re coming off your bye. What better time is there to basically say, Okay, Jordan love, let’s see what you got. Let’s see what we’re going to do this offseason.

That is the kind of organization that the Packers have been a Continuum. This is not a team, like the rims that is all in for one season. You know, Brian gudykunst, showed that at the trading deadline this year, he was unwilling to stretch and pay 120. It’s on the dollar for a Chase Claypool or whoever Darren wall or whatever. And, and so, this is a team that is out to see what they have in 20, 24, 25, and Beyond. They used a first-round pick on Jordan. Love, if they go to 4 and 8, you’ve got to start thinking about it and then how weirdly ironic That the ninth loss could come in Soldier Field at the home of the team that has been so passive in the team that the Packers have tormented for so many years, you know.

Basically, since Papa Bear Halas almost has left the sidelines, you know, and I’m exaggerating because obviously didga, you know, had the great Super Bowl running 85, but I’m saying that it’s been a long time since the Chicago Bears As can do something to put a nail in, you know, their Arch Rivals, but Mike right after they’re at Philadelphia at Chicago, if they lose both those games, and then have the by you tell me, what good does it do in your last four games to keep throwing Aaron Rodgers out there? We’re on the same page again on that point, I mentioned this last night in the item that I wrote based upon that press conference.

He gave after the game at some point, the decision has to be made to put him on injured. Reserve easy cover, he’s not being benched, this thumb isn’t getting any better, he’s having a hard time gripping the football, we’re putting him on injured. Reserve, and Jordan love is going to play. That’s how this arguable goats career, could end with a whimper and hardly a bang. If he doesn’t play next year, but Peter, can you imagine? How certain Folks at 3:45 Park Avenue, would feel about that Prospect when coming out of the by, there’s a Monday night, Standalone primetime, game at Lambeau Field against the Rams, a Christmas Day Standalone, visit to the Miami Dolphins. And then a New Year’s Day late afternoon. 425 Eastern visit from the Vikings to Lambeau Field and they Flex those games out all the time of that. 425 window but given how the Vikings are playing this year.

Depending upon what they may be playing for at that point, this is one that may stay put not because of the Packers but because of the team that’s coming into play the pack or so. There’s three straight weeks of high-profile games for Green Bay and there may be a few phone calls made about this whole, what’s this? I hear about Aaron Rodgers, possibly going on injured reserve, so you can see what Jordan love has and the other thing to Peter until your mathematically eliminated. And see that’s the thing for and 849 if they lose at Soldier Field, practical matter done, mathematically probably not done and and that’s really the question that I see. Would they make that decision to put Jordan love out there as a pre pre season 2023 unless and until they are put in that category of teams that have been officially eliminated, that’s going to be a tough call. But Mike, I might ask you this question.

Let’s say you love the Green Bay Packers, you live in Tacoma Washington, you know, you live in whatever Burlington Vermont you love the Packers. I have a question for you. Those big high-profile games. Would you rather see Aaron Rodgers playing out the string? Or would you rather see hey let’s see what we got in Jordan love this. I’m going to love the Packers next year. Whether they, whether Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback or Jordan love or Joe doakes, you know? And and we’ve had this guy on our bench forever. Can we please see what we have? And Mike, just remember one thing. When the Green Bay Packers decided to move on from Brett Favre in July of 2008. And then Aaron Rodgers played that first season. I think everybody, I’m not saying they forget this, but I think everybody, you know, puts in a distant rearview mirror.

He struggled in 2008, he did not have a great year, he showed promise, but he struggled and that’s why. To me. And I’m not saying that Jordan love is going to do what Aaron Rodgers, did either short or long term. I’m just saying, if you thought enough of him to pick him, so high that you wanted to trade up to get him in the first round if you thought enough of them, okay, at some point you have to let him try to play or let him play before he moves on. And to me it would be the height of I don’t want to say stupidity that it’s the wrong word. But I mean it’s not what the Green Bay Packers are the Green Bay Packers. The height of short about 20, 25, 26 27, they always do that. Brian gudykunst is the perfect general manager for that. He’s just exactly what Ted Thompson was. And to think that they wouldn’t play Jordan love down the Stretch is mind-boggling to me. I would not understand it at all. Yeah, it would be the height of shortsightedness to stick with Aaron rocks the other diet, where they know, as a practical matter.

The fork is in them. Even if they’re not mathematically eliminated, they’re smart enough to realize. This isn’t going to magically get better and that’s something Aaron. Rodgers was saying last night, we showed against the Cowboys that when we play to our potential, we can win. So if we played our potential, we can win. Each of the next six games, he said that last night. The problem is in the professional. World of football, every team is trying to play to its potential and the more that one team succeeds, the more the other team necessarily fails. So they ran into a team where their formula worked on Sunday. They ran into a team on Thursday night where their formula didn’t work because the Titans put the clamps on the running game and if the Packers can’t run the Packers, can’t throw the Packers. Can’t win. So 6 and 0. I’d be stunned. How can you have any real confidence?

That a team that went 4 and 7 is suddenly going to run the table? Now, I know it’s not unprecedented Sims. And I were talking about this yesterday when RG3 was a rookie in 2012, they were three and six and they rattled off seven in a row to finish the season. It could happen crazier, things have happened this month but it it’s kind of hard. To hear the confidence bordering on delusion bordering on hubris that when you’re four and seven for the first time since 2006, we’re just going to show up and win six in a row. They could I’m not saying they can’t. But at some point Peter, the clock is ticking toward acknowledging reality and realizing the schedule makers. Honestly mine. The schedule makers have done the Packers, a great favor, you know, Howard Katz & Company the NFL office, you know why? Because the first game is against Philadelphia in Philadelphia. So, if you’re, if you really want to know where you are, if, if the Packers think, Hey, listen, when we play to our potential, we can beat anybody. Okay? This right now is I think of one of the two or three toughest assignments in the NFL, Late, November, 20 22, you know, one of the toughest assignments is you win at the link in prime time. That’s, there’s no other way to say it.

So if they do win, then the whole, you know, the whole landscape has changed, changed drastically, but I think you’re like me. I don’t see it happening, but, hey, they’ve got a chance. Let’s see if they can do it. Gonna be even harder to go into the Lincoln win in Prime Time when the Eagles just lost at the Lincoln prime time. Yeah, a few days ago, they’re going to be on full alert and they’re going to relish the opportunity to be the ones that drive the stake Into the Heart of the Green Bay Packers. And if you’re one of these teams, it’s having a great year in the NFC, you don’t want Aaron Rodgers hanging around the playoffs. You don’t want Aaron Rodgers and you don’t want Tom, Tom, Brady, hanging around the postseason because that’s the kind of team that can that can catch fire under the leadership of a guy who’s been there and done that over and over and over again.

And I think the Eagles will be particularly motivated to knock out as a practical matter. The Green Bay Packers, Matt Casey are coordinating producer raises a great point. We were talking about 2006 how bad they were. They were four and seven that year Favre was horrible that year and he didn’t decide to to call it a day. He came back for one more year in Green Bay and he was pretty damn good in 2007. And I wonder if that historical reality will be a factor for Aaron Rodgers. Hey, I saw Brett to it, bread had a crappy year in 2006. He came back in 2007 and they were great. They got to the brink of the Super Bowl. And Rogers had a front-row seat for it. That may be a factor, you know, it may have been, he entered this season and he said that made-for-tv golf thing that he did with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. He was asked at some point that we do you think about retirement. He said all the time, he claimed in 2021, he was 50/50 on retiring the weekend before training camp opened You just, you know, you got me.

Wondering now, does this season go so badly for Aaron Rodgers, that he decides? I’m going to come back for one more and I’m going to do it right. This time I think with a guy like Aaron Rodgers, he has to decide on his own that he needs to be all in, all off season long therefore the offseason program, you can’t tell him. I told you so he’s got to tell himself. Yeah, maybe I should do this differently if I’m back for one more year maybe I should gather my guys somewhere where we just work out on her own so you know Christian Watson. Hey Chris Watson, five touchdowns this week. Where’s he been all year? Well, maybe he was a little freaked out by Aaron. Rodgers didn’t feel comfortable with this mythical being that. He grew up literally grew up from the time. He was five years old watching and he’s nervous around him. Yeah, doesn’t screw up. Took a while to get to the point where he’s comfortable now, looks pretty comfortable to me. Wouldn’t that have been nice if it had been that comfortable week? One, when he was wide-ass open, running down the right sideline after the Vikings went up, 7, nothing, and he drops the ball.

If he catches that past, maybe the whole season is different for the Packers who know. So I think if he’s gonna come back Peter to make your point earlier, which I think is very accurate. The Packers may expect more. I think the key is, he’s got to expect more from himself if he wants next year to be different than this year. yeah, and I think it’s a great Point Mike, whether it’s coming to Green Bay for five weeks that you weren’t in Green Bay last year for those five weeks or whether you bring everybody to, you know, Rancho Mirage, California or something, you know what, you bring everybody to California for eight or nine days, and you work out there, I just think there’s He’s got to be a different level of commitment. I would want that. If I were the Packers, I would want a different level of commitment from Aaron Rodgers this year. And again, I’ll say this.

I said it a couple of weeks ago when we talked about it and you were adamant that he had to have been in the offseason program. It’s his right as a player. Any player can say I’m not going to do that. I’m not coming to a non-mandatory practice in the offseason. Period. And if he says that then the Packers may have a decision to make. But I think it shouldn’t come to that, it should come to he and Matt and and Matt LaFleur having a conversation on January 10th, before everybody goes their separate ways and having a conversation and saying. Okay you know, we now are in the fire drill stage of our careers right here because look Matt LaFleur, it’s not like Matt LaFleur is getting fired after this year. It’s almost certainly not like he’s getting fired after next year, but you know, you can’t have three, you know, for and 13 seasons in a row in the NFL, you just can’t do it.

So, all I’m saying is that I think after this season, there needs to be a very Frank conversation between the leader of the Green Bay. Packers off the field, in the leader of the Green Bay Packers on the field. And Peter, I’m a firm believer that in early 2008, Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson. Wanted a decision from Brett Favre. A commitment from Brett Favre. At a time. When they knew if they told him we want yes or no. Right. Now they knew what the answer was going to be. Then it was going to be no. And I’m with you on this. They need to say to Aaron Rodgers ASAP. After this season ends, if you’re going to come back for this year, we need to know it now. And we need to know that you’re truly all in and you need to make that commitment to us and yourself. Now otherwise this train has to keep a rolling down the tracks and he may not like that but you know it’s one thing to tiptoe around the delicate genius. When the delicate genius is doing delicate, genius things, when all of a sudden he’s not getting it done. They’re not. To hesitate to tell it like it is like they told it like it was the night. They traded up in round one without even letting him know ahead of time to take.

Jordan love his eventual replacement and eventual. Maybe coming, let’s hear a little bit from Matt LaFleur just to get a Vibe as to where he is. Because this is a guy who lost 10 regular season games in three seasons combined. He’s looking at losing that many this year alone. Here he is on the latest loss, and where the TEAM stands? Race for the playoffs. Obviously, extremely disappointed right now to put on a performance like that. I just, I don’t even know what to say there was. It was nothing like a few days ago and that’s why you’re only as good as your last game we’re not in a very good position right now. That’s for sure. Like I told the guys like there’s there’s no margin for error period and it’s not Like I know we got a really tough team coming up in Philly. So we’re going to get back to work on Monday and try to make some of these Corrections because we just said, it’s disappointing. When you have Whether it’s a coverage, bust defensively, whether it’s protection bus and or, you know, any any type of mistake in regards to the mental errors, that’s extremely disappointing, especially where we’re at in the season.

And we’re not, I mean, quite frankly, even when we are all on the same page we’re not executing to the level that we need to. And that’s why, you know, we’re sitting here freaking four and seven. Metal floor was very emotional in the locker room on Sunday after they beat the Cowboys. It really felt like they had turned a corner. It felt like the light had gone on and there were plenty of mistakes last night. He says there’s no margin for error after they made error after error, after are on both sides of the ball in All Phases, last night, to lose that game. So again, you can button yourself up as much as you want but there’s always an opponent on the field who is trying to do the exact opposite. And this year 11 tries As 7 times the Packers haven’t been able to impose their will. They’ve had the other teams will imposed upon them and it could chat. Like I said, I’m not I’m not saying get the shovel out and start throwing dirt but at least have an idea where the shovel is because we’re getting close to the time where you go, get the shovel and you declare the 2022 Packers over and done. hit, subscribe for the latest news and Analysis from pro football talk.

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