Don’t further damage your thinning hair, avoid these mistakes

Thin hair is difficult to manage! Nothing bounces, just a little lead! It’s even harder when that hair starts growing too! So thin hair needs special care to keep it healthy and beautiful. Many times we do things that make thinning hair more damaged. Know some such mistakes and avoid them along with hair care.

Comb Wet Hair

Wet hair is more brittle than dry hair. Not only thin hair but also thick hair should not be combed when wet. First let the hair half dry in the open air, then run your fingers through it to detangle. At the very end, when all the tangles are untangled, comb through with a wide-toothed comb.

Excessive Use Of Hair Products

Blow drying or any other hair styling requires the help of certain hair products. But using these things too often is harmful for hair health. Use hair products only when you don’t have to, style your hair only when absolutely necessary, even on medium heat.

Not Trimming Hair Regularly

Thin hair doesn’t grow easily, so once it grows long, you don’t want to cut it. But this is the biggest mistake. Regular hair trimming keeps the hair healthy. Rather, if the hair is not cut, it looks thinner and drier from the ends. A short cut for thin hair also gives it more bounce and gives the hair a hint of density.

Hair Is Tied Very Tightly

It is not good to put any kind of tension or pressure on thin hair, it causes hair to break more and fall out. Don’t do any hairstyles on thin hair that require tight ponytails or braids. Applying pressure to the roots will further damage your hair.

Using The Wrong Pillow

The habit of sleeping on a crisp cotton pillow? Your hair, however, is subjected to additional stress. Rubbing on a rough pillow causes hair to break and fall out more. So use satin or silk pillowcase instead of cotton. It will reduce hair rubbing, less hair growth.

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