How should USA line up vs. Iran in must-win match? Pro Soccer Talk: 2022 World Cup

Obviously, the clock is ticking down the big game Group. B finale is coming up against the ran. The equation is simple for the u.s., we know this right, boys, win and they’re in the last 16. Anything else? And they’re out of the World Cup. So yeah, no pressure. Great bell-holter and the lads so Nick not long to go. I mean team newswise lineup wise. I mean is there anybody who you think should come in for this? Our game or would you keep it the same starting lineup as we saw against England and is pretty settled so far apart from that one change up top? Yep, I would put in Giovanni Arena. I’d start them at left wing and I would deal with whatever else if I was pretty. It’s not, this is not what’s going to happen “USA line up vs. Iran 2022”. I would love to see a Raina where polasek tried in across the top. It would be a bit of a false 9 situation but I don’t want to take Tim way as strength out of the lineup.

I think he’s a better he’s as good a fit. Sure, as the center forwards have been, and I think he’s most likely to take his chance when he gets it if he only gets one chance. Yeah. Struggle here is is not using Aronson and so that becomes what do you want to do in the middle of the pitch? Would you have the guts and the Gusto to not use a McKenney to because Moosa has become imperative to moving the ball for this team and Adams isn’t going anywhere. So there’s going to be an odd man out and I think the question becomes is it Rayna”USA line up vs. Iran 2022″ waaaaah McKenna, Eeyore Aronson. And I guess seeing that we need to unlock a team. And that way it has scored at this tournament, I need Reina and waya both out there. I mean, it’s interesting, right? Andy, because we’re looking at this from the US perspective and I’ll see we know that need a win, so it’s go will attack Iran.

Obviously you need the point, right? So from that point, so they’re going to be playing a little bit differently here. So is it for the u.s. just keep it level? For the 60 65th minute and then go for it. Can you afford to do that or do you want to start quick and maybe risk getting caught on the counter? But at least you’re on the front foot I mean it’s a really difficult Balancing Act from like Bo halter. Yeah and I think it’s going to be made even more difficult by the fact. I think he’s going to have to rotate a little bit in this game because in hindsight as good as the performance against England was as promising as it was and it felt like hey we should have won that game and as great as that is That was the opportunity. If we’re looking at it from a completely objective angle to make a couple of changes to the team and rest, a couple of players that are going to be, or that would be very, very key important players in a knockout round game to be in The Knockout rounds, you have to get a result in this third game. That was always going to be the case unless you could somehow be tangling and that was always a really uphill battle. And so now I because there will be either three games again.

"USA line up vs. Iran 2022"

In between the final group game or their knockout round game or potentially for game four days between I think if they win the group and so it’s going to be the same cycle all the way through and at some point somebody has to be rested and you’re certainly not doing it in The Knockout rounds. And so I look at this and I just don’t know how he cannot and Weston McKinney had a little bit of injury issues, he’s obviously on the yellow card as well searching. Yo, desk, same story over there, kind of on that same side of the field. I do wonder if we see Brendan Aronson in the midfield for this game knowing that the US will have to kind of Break down there on a little bit and you want that extra body getting forward to join the attack. So I think it could look a lot different than the first two games have for sure. Yeah, that’s really interesting because that playing so. Well write those players you mentioned and almost need saving from themselves because that they’re playing like they should have all tournaments to play so well at it’s the one where you don’t have enough time in between games”USA line up vs. Iran 2022″ to rest of the players that are playing well, of course it is. Yeah, of course. And it’s difficult to take them out because It playing so well, but then like you said, the turnaround, so so quick. And I think you need to go more attacking from the start. That’s how you want to set the tone and kind of dictate the tempo in this us.

Team plays better when it’s confident throughout the start of the game and that kind of builds throughout. We seen it in qualifying, with a wins over Mexico. And, you know, all those good performances and against England, the other day, they set the tone right from, pretty much after 10 minutes or so, they dominated the rest of the game. So, so Nikki talked about up top then so you’d have Why a centrally and then Rayna and policy sort of Underneath Him cutting in and just rotation. Because I don’t think Hadji right was terrible. Again signal, I think, sold up player was decent, so, I’m kind of leaning towards starting him again and not really “USA line up vs. Iran 2022″changing anything. And I think the teams playing that, well, we’re at halftime, if your level and then maybe you can bring on Aronson, and Rainer, then for maybe a more defensive minded midfielder. And one of the attackers was not working. So, I think there’s a lot of options in those areas, but the rest of the team picks itself for me. Yeah, I think they have a bevy of opportunities and things they can do.

Once they take the lead, but they have to take the lead. This is a neuron team that allowed six goals to England, and we saw that England, maybe maybe they got a little high on themselves after their first win but I think it’s more likely that I just think it’s more likely the rounds a little bit better than we think. But also little bit worse than we think. Going to go back to this Wales game. An awful lot because when I watch them play around, I kept thinking to myself. Gosh, we needed three points from”USA line up vs. Iran 2022″ that game. We needed three points of how did we not beat the team that showed up to play around? Exactly, that’s exactly it. And I will be watching this game with a I want my national team and and the growth that they’ve made at this spot in their journey to be approaching this game with the Swagger of, we’re going to score two goals in the first half. Good luck.

"USA line up vs. Iran 2022"

Getting three on us and with as Moon and to Remy your your can’t really change your center backs, right? So I guess the thing would be to roll with dust and Robinson and no, you’re not going to give desk the whole game and said, Son, get after it. Go as nuts as you can, because you’re not playing. In the whole game and say the same thing. If you are starting McKenney or if you’re starting Aronson, run yourself ragged. We’ll worry about The Knockout stage after that, because the odds are, we’ll have to do less running in the next round because we’re going to have less of the ball and this game, they will have the ball and again, show me and I think ultimately would be either a fitting pass or fail for Greg / halters team after he straightened out the defense is, can you go out there and score two goals because I think it will take multiple goals. I agree. Yeah, I think we think about the folder. Told him at the big question marks we had Tim ream is sorted out.

Centre-back. Question mark, he’s been excellent. Arguably. The best player for the US or one of the best over the first two games, so that’s sorted. They look much better at the back. But then up top, that is the big question mark now, and I need to kind of figure that out. I mean, for an ND weaknesses. Obviously, we saw that against England may be defending crosses, they figured that out against Wales a little bit, but there was still a whales had some Joy. So, is it getting the ball to wire? And maybe I guess Anthony Robinson down that flank and just trying to get into whipping the ball as much, but that’s why I would start. Had you write a little bit for a bit more of a focal point, even if he doesn’t finish itself, it’s going to cause problems for McKenney or pull a sick or space for them to cause problems and maybe finish it off. So is that the weaknesses in the surround sound and the strengths Nick mentioned of their right as Moon and Toure me up top are like if they were in a team that was challenging to go to the semi-finals of the farmers, were we Cup.

They would probably be able to be and look, look the part on that team. They will join Wells. Yeah, yeah. And that’s what makes me. That’s what makes me a little more cautious than the go out and just all-out attack from the beginning because of that thread on the counter and knowing as good as Tim, ream has been and the role that he is filling for this team on the ball and is a very very technical center back. That’s the last position and situation I ever want to see. Tim ream put in is 40 yards from his own. Gold. There’s a through ball coming in behind and he is the guy on that side of the field. I do not want and I know he doesn’t want to be in that situation.

So, there is no delay measure right. There is a measure of control. That’s going to be required from this team, and it will take such a mature. Another challenge, another mature performance from this team, to manage this game. It’s not going to be easy because, you know, we I think a lot of people were hoping okay Iran. If they can just have nothing to play for in the third game, that is maybe the Saving Grace for the US. Iran. Everything to play for at this point. And so that’s a, that’s a tough position to be in let as a nation and as fans of the US Men’s National Team, let’s not just say oh it’s Iran will be fine. Let’s really understand that this is going to be a challenge. Yeah, it really is in the experience of Iran and just the way that they controlled the game against Wales, I think it’s going to be a new test for this young.

Very young us team, but in this tournament they’ve impressed so far. Let’s see if they can get the win, they need and get into the 16 and gents over pro soccer talk and Embassy sports.com over the next few days. We’ll be keeping everyone up to date with the how to watch information preview, team news, projected lineups, will have all the angles covered for. Obviously, what is the biggest game for the u.s. in the last eight years? Since the last World Cup? This is massive. And I cannot wait to see how this young team responds and reacts to being in this pressurized situation. It’s going to be a now bar, boys. So yeah, everyone out there. Just buckle up. It’s going to be a wild few days and a Wild game as we build up to USA.

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