Real Reason BGMI Unban Date in India ?

Look, here the response from company is written OK, we read this It reads like this: …”After …PUBG Mobile was banned in India South Korean game developer Krafton made a… …comeback to India market after”…Hey, you stop Umm… But it seems like BGMI too has been banned in India Seems like it’s banned.

They say While there is no official statement from the IT ministry. The ministry hasn’t told anything yet OK The BGMI game has been confirmed to be removed from both Google Play Store & Apple Store, we know Krafton has also confirmed the development and said, we are clarifying how BGMI was removed.

Google’ & Apple’s play store & we will let you know once we get specific information This is what I’d told, even BGMI itself didn’t know as nobody removed his app from play store for an hour nobody does that Even now, BGMI people wouldn’t know why it’s banned Why has it been removed They might not know it They do not know it Until a realistic information reaches them Nothing can be confirmed.

I said that OK, now you see Meanwhile, Google has officially said it has received an …official order from govt to remove the game. Wow Oh god! What did I read? is this news right? Is the news true? Meanwhile Google has officially said That it’s officially received an official order from govt to remove the game Watt bro, watt Wasim Blog, thank you for the membership bro Oh bro If the news is true, we are in fix If the game is removed from play store after a govt order, then the fix is really big (singing a tune) F in the chat guys F in the chat Flash K, thanks for 40 R super chat bro next: “On receipt of the order following the established process we have notified the affected developer and have blocked access to the app that remained available on the play store.

Bro Hey bro, tell the govt to ban porn, why they are after PUBG Actually, porn is already banned in India Actually it is banned, already Whatever gives you some joy The Indian govt will ban that Whatever thrills you Whatever gives you pleasure shall be blocked Look this govt closely.

This is the govt Which cannot tolerate your happiness If porn thrilled you, it was banned If BGMI gave you joy, it was banned If PUBG gave you any happiness, it’s already banned BGMI or PUBG like games, all will be banned If you ever tred seeking adventure in FF that too was banned Ig you sought joy in native games, they too shall be banned If you find solace in breathing, they will ban that too So if you’re enjoying something, never reveal it As soon as they know, they will ban it I enjoy studying most I like going to school most I like reading books, most I like first and foremost appearing in exams I like preparing for exams I like doing a regular job Ban these OK.

Battlegrounds mobile India Indian version (Reading articles) Crossed 100 million reg users Just after an year it’s re launched BGMI, after PUBG was banned by the govt in India In Feb 2022 Prahar an NGO had urged in Feb-Mar, oh govt to block the Chinese app BGMI PUBG Hey sire, BGMI is not Chinese, how can you… include any app in Chinese? It’s Korean The point is, the developer of PUBG was a Chinese hence we saw PUBG as Chinese. But BGMI is Korean? Do you not know the difference Korea is as closer to China as India is, so you will allege India too?

Country to country difference is not known to you? Korea is a different country altogether What you know? We’ve good relations with S Korea Keep repeating- Chinese gaming app, Chinese gaming app How is BGMI a Chinese app? How has it become Chinese, when… PUBG itself is not Chinese, then… how …BGMI became Chinese, tell? Is there no other route to come? Does it come via China? “Be careful, they might ban your channel” “…even your channel gives joy” OMG! My god! I am so sorry! I did not think that Hey, none of you get joy on my channel, right! There is no joy here.

OMG! Hehe! Thank you! Khilan for 1000 Rs.super chat and Avishesh bro …for 40 Rs. *** (sighs) In Feb 2022, an NGO has asked govt to block the Chinese app This very sentence is wrong The BGMI is not Chinese at all Even PUBG isn’t Chinese A publisher maybe Chinese but The BGMI has…. …no connection to China at all. And… (Reading a passage) Look, the ban that was effective on apps since Feb 14, 2022 among them, BGMI wasn’t banned An NGO, named Prahar is telling that the govt has made a mistake, clearly.

The govt has lapsed, they should ban BGMI outrightly According to the report IAMS The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha, RSS …affiliated Swadeshi Jagran Manch has …supported this initiative by Prahar and …called the investigation into the (reading a passage) Chinese influence? What Chinese influence? When the game is Korean, what Chinese influence? What influence? Does it control? Does China control S Korea?

Does that mean this So RSS also is supporting this initiative …to ban it. OK guys PUBG Mobile was banned in India in Sept 2020 OK bro It is almost 2 years ” Within 10 months it’s re launched as BGMI… BGMI is the biggest among Chinese apps… That’s launched and…” How can you even say that— “BGMI is the biggest among Chinese apps” Is BGMI even a Chinese app? How can you even say that? How can you even write that?

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