Sara Carter: This is a ‘very dangerous crisis’ for America

Joining us now with a full report is someone who’s actually visited the Border many times Fox News contributor Sarah Carter joins us live in Brownsville Texas Sarah thanks for all the work you’re doing what are you seeing oh I think yeah thank you Pete thank you I’m here in Brownsville as you see behind me is the Port of Entry it buttresses Matamoros Mexico and I got to tell you Pete right across the border just several miles from us is an open Park where over 8 000.

That’s over 8 000 just here in Matamoros people are waiting to come across the border these are people that have been told by the Smugglers that title 42 is going to end on Wednesday right now chief justice Roberts did have a stay to uphold title 42 they are going to uphold that until tomorrow at 5 00 PM when they’re going to give the Department of Justice an opportunity to respond that is the Biden Administration is going to respond as to why we don’t need Title 42.

I can tell you this federal law enforcement officials as well as members of the border patrol are very very concerned they’re already seeing those swells those migrant swells coming in not just in El Paso but here in Brownsville in McAllen Texas and across the border in Arizona and California as well and they say with the removal of title 42 they expect up to 18 000 people a day but that’s only because of the removal of title 42.

They’re still expecting those swells to come in I spoke today to uh vice president of the national border patrol Council here in the Rio Grande Valley Chris Cabrera and he said those people that are coming in right now aren’t just the people that are being held back from title 42 but these are people that aren’t being held back from Child Support 42 people from Venezuela people from Cuba people from Afghanistan people from Pakistan.

I want you to take a listen to what he had to say I mean based on what you’ve seen the last few years how much of a difference is it going to be to remove title 42 I mean if if we’re already seeing these numbers is it just is it just going to be more of the same or far worse it’s going to be far worse right now we have certain people that we can send back uh under title 42 but there are certain countries that can’t be sent back under title 42 and that’s what we’re seeing now mostly uh Venezuelan’s nicaraguans Cubans they’re coming across in huge numbers.

There’s nothing we can do about it now uh it’s for everyone else everyone else is not going to be affected by so the 50 000 or so that are supposedly in Mexico right now waiting to cross that’s it yeah and then on top of that you have uh the others that are just now getting the memo that are going to mobilize and come over from all over the world not just from Central and South America we have a lot coming from uh European countries aging countries you name it they’re they’re coming already.

Sara Carter: This is a ‘very dangerous crisis’ for America

And they’re going to continue to come well P despite the fact that judges have upheld were made in Mexico and title 42 border patrol agents say if the Biden Administration doesn’t uphold the law then the law will not be upheld it won’t even matter the people will just keep pouring in Pete hmm Sarah hold on real quick so does that so the world is coming does that just mean we’re going to process them faster and release them more people in Mass so so the process really doesn’t change it’s just a a bigger Mass release of people none of which gets sent back that’s absolutely correct right now what we’re seeing is a number of people they’ll talk about apprehensions at the border well then the majority of those apprehensions are released within a day or two.

We don’t even have the facilities here in Texas and this is according to the governor this is according to Texas DPS this is according to border patrol as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold all the people that are coming across so yes what you’re saying is correct Pete they’re just brand them in they’re processing them they can’t even do full background checks on many of these people.

They’re just being released into the United States right before I got on with you Pete a young family walked by me and they had a baby and you can see that they had just come across the border and they were asking for directions to the bus station they had a little child with them people are sleeping in the streets here in Texas and you know they don’t just stay here in Texas they end up all across the United States and I think worst of all Before I Let You Go is the fact that many times the cartels are moving a lot of people big large groups and while they’re doing that they’re moving Fentanyl and other narcotics into the United States.

And there’s nobody there to stop them this is a very dangerous crisis for our nation we don’t know who’s coming in and it’s affecting everyone not just the people crossing the border but our children and the people in the United States as well and as we spend all those man hours processing hordes of people those are agents that are not working the line as people with even more nefarious intentions are choosing different routes Sarah Carter thank you so much for your reporting we appreciate it hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else.

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