Using natural scrubs is not returning the glow to the skin? Find out why

Some of our skin cells die every day, nature’s natural process. Whether we slather on the face, oil massages are recommended before bathing, all with the same purpose, to remove layers of dead cells and bring out the skin’s natural glow. In earlier days, mothers and grandmothers used to make a paste with milk curd, dry orange peel and rub it all over the body before taking a bath, the purpose of this was to remove the layer of dead cells and return the skin to its normal state. Each of these works as a scrub.

Remember that the skin has its own way of cleaning itself, without too much scrubbing it will stay healthy. Yes, regular scrubbing improves blood circulation in the skin, increases radiance. But since the facial skin is very tender, so you have to be careful about the selection of scrubs. Many people rub a mixture of salt or sugar and honey on their face as a scrub. Mix with lemon juice. Remember, salt or sugar can do more harm than good regardless of skin type. The skin may become red, and some areas may develop dry patches. Especially those who have sensitive skin, have more skin problems. Apply milk-flour coating instead. This soft pack will do a lot of work.

If you must rely solely on home remedies, take a very soft, old piece of cloth. Pour a few drops of extra virgin coconut or olive oil on it. After that, keep rotating the cloth very gently on the entire face. Do this twice a week to get glowing skin.

Sugar or salt scrubs, however, are great for cleansing the entire body. Mix oil, honey and sugar or salt. You can mix lemon juice and any essential oil of your choice in it. After that apply this mixture all over the body before bathing. Rub well near elbows, knees. Then there will be no black spots.

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