Paint your nails the color of love to celebrate Valentine’s Day

The mood of love is in full swing in the air! The red rose shop is getting crowded every moment, heart-shaped balloons are being sold! On Valentine’s Day, such pictures are seen every year! And those of you who have thought about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, must have already decided on the clothes and decorations? But not only face makeup and clothes, also decorate your nails in a special way this year! We’ve rounded up some glittery nail art for Valentine’s Day! Apply all these colors of love on your nails and celebrate spring with all your heart!

As much as red is capable of conveying a message of love, no less than pink, wine or berry shade nail polish! Gel nail polish will instantly enhance the beauty of your nails. If you want, you can wear a gradient!

Red And Berries

Don’t like the heightened presence of red? Opt for soft touches of white and pink. You can try all these designs to enhance the natural beauty. Or just wear a white-pink combination on your nails.

Pastel Pink And          White

Who said French manicure has to be white? Give your nails an exclusive French manicure with golden shades of red and glitter, and set the mood for love. If you want to experiment, you can also try pastels, glitters or metallic.

Colorful French      Manicure

If you want light yet glamorous nails then you should go for rose gold shade nail polish. You can easily combine it with other shades, you can wear it with glitter if you want.

Rose Gold