Your hair is getting longer, surely it is getting enough nutrition?

After many years there comes a time when whether you want to or not, you have no choice but to cut your hair. More importantly, there is no exact address when the parlor will open. So you can’t apply any chemicals on your hair. Yes, it’s also 100% true that the hair would probably be as velvety soft as the stars if it were spa. But when that’s not possible, you have to make do with what’s at hand. Remember, in this condition, if there is excess dirt or dandruff on the scalp, then the hair will fall more. So if you didn’t care at other times, start today. Otherwise, the health of the hair will continue to deteriorate.

Your overall lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining good skin or hair health. Those who stay away from junk food, eat a lot of water, have fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables in their diet have good skin and hair. Also try to choose shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type. Hair needs to be oiled regularly. Shampoo at least twice a week. After that conditioner must be applied. Has the conditioner run out? Take two to three drops of coconut oil in your hands and apply it along the length of wet hair after shampooing. When it dries, you will see almost the same effect, it will not get tangled. Also exercise. If health is good then hair will be good.

Don’t brush wet hair – it causes more breakage. Comb dry hair carefully, untangle more carefully. Tangling means but your hair is not maintaining its softness. Applying oil, curd-honey, aloe vera-honey or coconut oil-egg and lemon juice packs can keep hair healthy. You need to understand which one is best for your hair. Trust the one that leaves the hair the smoothest after use.

Protein-rich foods keep hair healthy for longer. Eat pulses, eggs, soybeans, fish etc regularly. Iron is a very important compound, lack of which can lead to hair fall. So it is necessary to eat vegetables, it is better to eat dates. Eat citrus fruits daily – you will get vitamin C from them. Biotin will be found from red rice rice, bran flour bread.

It is also important to comb the hair with a thick wooden comb. Hair will be free from tangles, will shine with the glow of health.

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